Our Processes

ISO Process

SIIRAS  Consulting employs proven methods for Quality Management System (QMS) consulting and ISO consulting with razor sharp focus that is designed and implemented for success. The standard process is customized to your company, your culture and your industry. The process takes advantage of disciplined project planning and timeline management. Based on years of experience in management consulting, this process will help your new quality management system implementation and continual improvement programs show progress and achieve results faster and easier.

The key is to focus on simplicity and our unique ability to reconcile and align top-down business strategies with bottom-up project work flow. This allows you to more fully exploit your resources, reduce wasted effort and gain competitive advantage with your quality management system by improving throughput, profitability and business performance. Our comprehensive program helps businesses unlock the creativity and knowledge of all employees for effective “on the money” implementation and continual improvement.

Process Elements

  • Project Kickoff: we work with your management team to:
    • Assess the company culture and industries served
    • Conduct process and requirements training
    • Establish the macro project plan and timeline
  • Company Processes Identification: we work with your leadership to identify all applicable QMS processes, their “owners” and specific meeting dates for first and second draft meetings for the development of each.
  • Employee Awareness Training: All employees will be taught the basic elements of the applicable ISO standard, their quality management system and how their work affects it.
  • Procedure Development: We work with your employees to draft the first version for all processes while constantly being vigilant to identify opportunities to “lean” them out. That is followed approximately two weeks later by reviews to finalize and initially issue the procedures to the system.
  • Technical Requirements Consulting: We conduct training and consult with your team to assure compliance, proper documentation and effective implementation of the newly established quality management system.
  • Draft Quality Manual: We develop an initial version of your quality manual that establishes policies for all required elements of the applicable ISO standard.
  • Internal Auditor Training: We help you establish a sound auditing program that is vital to the health and continual improvement of the QMS. We will train company employees in the organization, scheduling, performance and reporting of internal audits. Training includes classroom and mentoring methodologies.
  • Corrective Action Review and Implementation: We help you prepare for the certification audit by ensuring all corrective actions resulting from internal audits are reviewed and effectively addressed to demonstrate the efficacy of the QMS.